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Portal Tools

The system utilizes a standard user interface
Navigation commands are standardized throughout the application
Navigation is "intuitive" - and employs features such as hyperlinks to minimize keystrokes
There are a minimal number of screens presented to the user from the initial log on
Ability to drill down from one summary screen to more detailed screens

Display of Data:
Data is displayed chronologically
Ability to see the source of the data (ex. GRH/SMH)
Ability to view clinical data in a continuum - display data from multiple visits regardless of the site of the visit
Ability to define the timescale of the data is presented
Ability to see data for only a certain visit
Ability to customize their list - removing patients and/or adding patients
Ability to customize views for various user groups
Ability to split the screen and view multiple items / images
Ability to display clinical indicators such as lab, vital signs in a graph / chart
Ability to colour code data - so that critical values/significant values are highlighted
Ability to create/customize a summary page with new results/findings for the patient
Ability to present a list of ALL NEW results/findings for a certain Physician - for a group of his patients
Ability to display a "picklist" outlining ALL of the relevant data available for viewing for the patient. For example, the list may include Lab results, Diagnostic Imaging reports, and images.
Ability to view a diagnostic report and the respective image together in a single view
Ability to provide read only access to images for the general Physician population from the PACS systems
Ability to provide a DICOM quality image to the radiologists and other specialized Physicians
Ability to "push" information to the Physician when he/she logs on and display NEW RESULTS or NEW FINDINGS - for the Physician to review without having to first identify a patient
Ability for the Physician to note that they have reviewed a particular result

Ability to restrict access by site / by type of data / by type of visit
Ability to produce an audit trail of all accesses to the patient record
Ability to produce the audit trail by date range
udit trail information includes: user identifier / date and time for each access / data element that was updated or changed during the edit / the "before" and "after" values for the changed data / data and time for each access to view / user name associated with each action.
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