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Technical Details

TheDataGlider Paradigm
Evolution of Technology
Past applications/solutions “WYSIWYG”
Hard coded – canned application
Silo concept
Assumes all users are the same
Works only with its own database
Not real time
Limited flexibility/expandability
Limited integration - interfacing
Little input from customer
Not standards-based
Evolution of Technology
New Technology
Portal based – personalization
Integrates data from multiple sources
Better addresses user needs
Real time – on demand
Evolutionary - adaptability
High level of flexibility
Expandable for future needs
Standards based
You never hit a wall
Silo Concept
Data Rich, Information Poor
Not Multi-Tier
Logic in the web page
Not open systems
Limited Flexibility
Limited Expandability
No Future Vision
DataGlider Architectural Components
Technology Opportunities
(What we are doing with other Hospitals)
Linking PACS
Linking external knowledge sources (EBM)
Patient self-service kiosk
Community care collaborative model linking Acute, LTC, CCAC, MHealth, Clinics
Wireless access
Business Continuance
Executive Dashboard, other POV
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