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Benefits of the Physician Point of View portal

DataGlider's 'Point of View' Portal provides Physicians with the information they need, when and where they need it; at the point of care, in the office, at home via the Internet, and on the go through mobile wireless devices. Physicians can optimize their workflow so that they can provide better patient care and increase patient safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Access anywhere, anytime.

Physicians can tap into the system at any time, from any location. Seamless access to complete patient information helps Physicians deliver efficient, effective care. Providing the Physician with complete and on-demand information about the patient, at the point of care, when performing clinical diagnosis, making a clinical decision, or prescribing medication. Whether responding to an emergency page from a home computer or checking a patient's status on a hand-held device, your Physicians receive clinical support that truly addresses the demands of delivering high-quality care.

The 'Physician Point of View', includes patients' lists (inpatients / outpatients), recent clinical results (sorted by highlighted critical and abnormal), access to electronic patient
records, links to external medical sources, and a fast search capability. With a click of a mouse, a specific patient can be brought into immediate focus with key information, such as lab results, x-ray results and images, vitals, pharmacy, allergies and nursing documentation, all consolidated into one view. Drill through capability provides fast access to more details. Physicians can view their Physician group and communicate and share information with Physicians within their Physician group.

The Physician portal enables physicians to communicate and collaborate with each other in order to receive second opinions and advice, and in order to share concerns and resources.

Reduced workloads
Increased Decision Support
Evidence Based Medicine
Easy to use, easy to learn
Manage your ward rounds more easily
Access patient information from anywhere in and outside the hospital
DataGlider's Point of View portal saves you time
Reduced workloads

DataGlider's technology puts urgent documents, results and images on-line, securely available to clinicians wherever they are in the hospital. This allows for less time wasted by skilled clinicians searching for patient information and sorting between critical and uncritical patient information.

With results available on-line, the concept of virtual consulting and virtual patient care becomes possible and where appropriate, Physicians can review patients' results and make decisions regarding further care without having to see the patient in person. This allows for less disruption to a Physician's workflow and reduces the Physician's workload and the time and the costs required for outpatient visits.

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