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Benefits of the Patient Point of View portal

The Patient POV portal empowers patients to take an active role in their own healthcare choices and decisions. Using the Patient POV portal, patients can now communicate and interact with Hospital and clinical staff through the portal at all times and at any place.

The patient POV enables patients to:
Report self-administered test results (such as blood sugar levels in diabetics or peak flows in asthmatics) to the clinical staff through the portal rather than having to come in to the Hospital.
Patients can schedule or request appointments online
Patients can receive information on their medications (dosages, facts, ingredients)
Patients can receive test results online without having to visit the Hospital or lab
Patients can communicate with their Physicians and Nurses online through the Portal
Patients can share information with other patients who share similar symptoms or illnesses
Patients can search online for health knowledge, case studies, and databases
Patients can access patient-provider messaging
Patients can receive Hospital bills and pay them through the portal
Patients can receive information on preparations they must make before entering the Hospital and before receiving treatment without having to visit the Hospital

Patients can learn about the procedure they will go through and receive their Hospital or treatment schedule using the Patient POV portal, and thus come more prepared for their treatment. Patients can also learn about their illness or disease, and about symptoms and side effects through case studies and online health knowledge through the POV portal.

Patients can give feedback and comments to Physicians, Nurses and Executives through the portal in order to improve care delivery in the Organization and in order to assist Physicians and nurses in delivery the highest level of patient safety and patient care.

Patients can ask questions and receive answers from Physicians and Nurses, through the portal and Physicians and Nurses can follow-up on the patient's status and their healing process through the Patient Point of View Portal without having to have the patient come in for endless follow-ups and check-ups.

Patient safety

The ability to communicate with Physicians, Nurses, and other specialists through the Patient Point of View portal creates new levels of patient safety in care delivery and in care efficiency and affectivity. The ability to interact with Hospital staff and with different Hospital departments through the portal, and the ability to make changes, to schedule appointments and to send results through the portal creates new levels of efficiency and comfortableness in Hospital care.

The Point of View portal technology creates a patient-centric environment in all aspects so that Physicians, Executives and Nurses, can all focus on the most important task at hand; delivering the highest levels of care and maintaining patient safety and patient satisfaction.
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