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Different Points of View for Different User Groups

One of the unique features of DataGlider's Portal technology is the ability to create different Points of View (POV's) based on each user's specific needs. The DataGlider Point Of View Healthcare portal technology provides any user the opportunity to view information based on personal unique needs and workflow. The system can use rules and preference guidelines to filter and distill the data it retrieves, and to identify its characteristics. This unique quality of DataGlider allows the user to program particular preferences and indicate priorities, and thus receive data on a customized and personalized basis.

The POV concept allows users from a range of positions and interests to utilize the same system in a customized and personalized fashion, and provides them a tailored, absolute view of the information that is critical to them within the Healthcare System. Solutions can thus be provided to address specific departmental needs and can as well be extended to an enterprise level.

Points of View can be created based on user preference, specialty, group or job function. The creation of different Points of View meets the needs of modern day Healthcare and satisfies the vision of the future, while maintaining the horizontal approach and using the same underlying architecture for each POV.

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