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Benefits of the Nurse Point of View portal

DataGlider's Point of View portal provides nurses with the information they need, when and where they need it: at the bedside, the nurses' station, and while they are on the move. The Healthcare portal solution enables nurses to keep track and communicate patients' progress without chasing charts or searching for other clinicians. Once time-consuming and labor intensive, documentation processes can now be accomplished efficiently and comprehensively through the portal. The real-time availability of critical information assure best practice, accurate and safe patient care - leading to overall improvement in care delivery.

Patient safety

Clinical guidance provided at the point of care helps nurses identify potential errors before they occur. DataGlider's healthcare portal solution helps ensure that the right patient receives the right medication, in the right dose, by the right route, at the right time.

The Point of View Healthcare portal increases the speed of information flow and information retrieval and allows for more efficient and faster patient care. This increases workflow efficiency and enables nurses to deliver higher levels of care to a larger number of patients; thus increasing patient safety and care delivery. The real-time access of information reduces errors and enhances communication and interaction between clinical staff and between Physicians and nurses - which is critical for Hospital workflow efficiency.

Nurses can collaborate and communicate with other Nurses and with Physicians through the Healthcare portal in order to receive advice and opinions and in order to retrieve any key information, which is critical to their specific tasks. The ability to communicate with Physicians within the Hospital and outside the Hospital opens up new decision support capabilities so that to ensure patient safety and patient care.

Increased Decision Support

With all components of the plan of care accessible through the enterprise patient record, nurses have immediate access to a patient's history, status, current and new

Reduced Workloads

DataGlider's technology puts urgent documents, results and images on-line, securely available to Nurses wherever they are in the hospital. This allows for less time wasted by skilled Nurses searching for patient information and sorting between critical and uncritical patient information.

With results available on-line, higher levels of patient care become possible and where appropriate, Nurses can review patients' results and receive Physician diagnoses, treatments, advice and prescriptions regarding further care without having to consult or communicate with Physicians. This allows for more efficient and effective workflow and reduced workloads for Nurses as well as the ability to deliver better patient care and increased patient safety.

Access to patient information throughout multiple venues of care

With seamless access to complete patient information, nurses can care for their patients more effectively and efficiently. The healthcare portal helps nurses deliver care not only on their assigned units but anywhere they are requested to provide coverage in the organization.

Streamlined documentation

DataGlider's portal solution streamlines the documentation process and enhances the simplicity, the efficiency and the proficiency of documentation. The portal solution enables nurses to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing direct clinical care.
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