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  Benefits of the Executive Point of View Portal

The Executive Point of View Portal enables Hospital Executives to perform all Hospital related tasks and functions on a single integrated Portal interface. Using the Point of View Portal, Executives can retrieve all information that is relevant to them and necessary in order to enhance their specific personal workflow and decision support. Executives can optimize their workflow and maximize their ability to access critical key information, so that to create a more efficient, productive, and capable Healthcare

The Executive Point of View Portal is a Leadership Tool

Access anywhere, anytime.

Such information includes
Integration and access
Past and present Patient records
Current hospital records - quantity of inpatients / outpatients / departmental figures / how many beds are currently being used
Records and statistics on patient stays
Time consideration
Hospital wide averages and figures
Length of Patient stays
Hospital trends / Financial trends
Hospital Performance / Staff performance
Employee Productivity
Patient Community Focus
Quality work life
Automatic generation of reports (at month end, quarter end)
Billing information
Revenue cycle and operational aspects

Increased Decision Support

DataGlider understands how critically important it is for Healthcare Executives to make the right decisions. DataGlider's Executive Portal enables Hospital Executives to access the information necessary to them in order to make knowledgeable, informed, mission-critical decisions within their Organization. By supporting Executives and enabling them access to the information that is relevant to their specific task through the Executive Point of View Portal, DataGlider enables Executives to measure and analyze information so that they can draw meaningful conclusions regarding Hospital functions and Hospital workflow in order to develop strategic Organizational plans.

The Executive Point of View Portal ensures that Executives are looking at leading indicators (such as clinical, patient, and employee measures) as well as lagging indicators (such as financial measures). In this way, problems are seen earlier and actions are put into place before they become crises.

Reduced workloads

The Executive Point of View Portal enables Healthcare Organizations to create focus through a

new process to manage today's complexity of doing more with less, with tougher goals and large amounts of information. By sifting through all the data and presenting the critical information, and using the tools available in the Executive Portal, Executives can receive information that is critical to their tasks and decisions and focus on what is important and critical without getting buried in the endless amount of information.

The Executive Point of View Portal essentially reduces the workloads of Hospital Executives by providing Executives with the information necessary for them to make critical Organizational decisions in an effective and efficient way.

Reduced Costs

The Executive Point of View Portal enables Executives to identify trends that vary from target performance levels and problems within the Organization that need solving before they actually occur. The Portal mechanisms enable Executives to become aware of divergent financial trends, unnecessary prolonged patient stays, Physician errors, fluctuating staffing levels and other critical problems before they occur.

Preemptive actions taken to correct these variances will ultimately help Executives recapture lost revenue, lower administrative and staffing expenses and take steps to increase operational efficiencies that will result in higher income and profit margins. These Healthcare solutions help reduce administrative expenses, increase revenue and accelerate the movement of funds to benefit providers, payers and patients.
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